Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all nb2004 parents. We hope you had a great Christmas.

We are now Under 10’s! The only difference from Under 9’s is that there are some slight changes to the Go-Game rules. I will post the new rules here when I figure out how to. We have also been allocated new training times by the club:


  • MONDAY 5.45-6.45
  • THURSDAY 5.45-6.45

We understand that these times may not suit everybody but until we get evening daylight, these are the only times available to us. Training will resume next Thursday, January 16th. We intend to arrange matches each Saturday from January 18th.


We have received our training gear and it will be available for collection from us at the clubhouse on Monday at 8.30pm. Training gear consists of shorts & training top with the Naomh Barróg crest. To recap on the price, it is €6. However, if your child sold more than 10 lines in the Guess-The-Score competition in September, the price is reduced to €2. All players must have training gear and must wear it to training every week. This will help in team unity and identity.